Vote Foxy Tann Top 50 Burlesque Performers!

HoneyBunny and I have been talking…we are not the only ones who are Foxy Tann fans right? Well there is a way for all of my hateful and adoring fans to show their appreciation by voting The Fox in as one of the TOP 50 BURLESQUE PERFORMERS on the planet…now that shouldn’t be too hard on y’all…all ya got to do is click on the link below and vote away…now you do also have to vote for 4 other performers and I would like to give you some suggestions…
Alotta Boutte (does anything else need to be said)
Sydni Deveraux (she is over 6′ tall WITHOUT heels)
Roxy D’Lite
The Evil Hate Monkey
Sweet Pea
any of the Stage Door Johnnies
All of these performers are TannApproved and Certified and I totally support your voting for them…but don’t forget VOTE FOR FOXY TANN we shouldn’t keep all of me to ourselves, now should we…

Vote early and vote often!
thank you again for almost all of your support

The Fox