TIP OF THE MOMENT #3 Spendy Stockings

There are somethings in life that are worth paying for.
There has never been a truer thing said…especially when stockings are involved.
HoneyBunny and I were cruising Nordstroms…it was pre-Thanksgiving and we were just taking a twirl and seeing what the nearly wealthy have in mind for the next season…you know, research. Anyways, we head to the knicker department (as HB calls it) and there is a table full of fancy stockings marked down to dirt cheap…now I have not been a proponent of stockings in the past because the damn things were disposable but not priced to be so and felt like a never ending wallet sucker, so stockings just didn’t seem worth the trouble and/or expense.
HoneyBunny led me to the Promised Land!
He convinced me to buy a pair of these spendy stockings from the discount table for $5. Cheaper than the cheapest. OK, I buy them, a pair of stay-up “suntan” colored (that is evidently my skin tone this year – suntan) seamed, large (not queen, bless their marketers) sized stockings made by Wolford. These things are the shit!!! They are sturdy, a spare hang-nail is not going to ruin your investment and run them. The spandex, or whatever stretchy stuff they are using is LOVELY, these things snap back wash after wash. The stay-up band is cute, and it works without that unsightly pinching around the thigh reminiscent of Petunia Pig. And what is even better, they LOOK spendy, like shinier than those cheapy ones. And they FEEL spendy, HoneyBunny says so, with his hand on my thigh.
They made me feel like a lady.
I wanted to put on hosiery gloves to preserve my new found foundation.
Now these were $5 on the super duper clearance table…they normally retail for anywhere between $40-$80! Yes Chil’, $40-$80! And I say YES, Chil’! I have had sex in these stockings, performed in these stockings, ran over the hill and through the woods in these stockings…not one run, not one snag, still lookin’ good and  look to have quite a few more miles on them. The ancient guru of lingerie working the department in Nordstroms had nothing but good things to say, said they could last years…who has stockings lasting for years…people who buy $40-$80 stockings! People like me-and hopefully you-if you want to invest in the future.