The 2011 Burlesk Tour Begins!

Its cold smoking in Minnesota...

We are burlesque performers, Sweet Lilly Bee and I. We like to travel. So we are.

I leave tomorrow on the start of Foxy Tann’s 2011 Burlesk Tour. Lets take a look at the itinerary shall we?

Febrruary 14 – Detroit MI- with The Dizzy Dames for Valentine’s Day! This is gonna be the shit! Beautiful space and beautiful people and who doesn’t want to spend V-Day in lovely and romantic Detroit, Michigan?

February 18 – The Twin Titties – Tempo Spectacular – this is one of the Minnesota Opera’s big fundraisers and The Fox is emceeing the extravaganza! Bustin’ the ceiling baby – just think – opera and burlesque?

March 16-17 Harrisburg, PA – CryBaby – this is a weird gig that I have been doing for years…let’s just say it’s for the children…literally.

March 17-20 Chicago – Windy City Burlesque Festival – this is my second year headlining at this festival, Chicago’s only (hmmm), but it is a ton of fun, and these people know how to treat a girl, yes they do! It’s just a quick hop from PA and my flight gets in at 5pm – plenty of time…right? Right?

and then there is a bit of a break (not including putting up a couple of shows, doing the first block parties, and getting a new costume or two together) to get ready for

June 1-5 Las Vegas – Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend – Oh yeah baby, the mother of all festivals, the ultimate performer party and I WILL be there come hell or high water!

June 9-12 Amherst MA – The Berkshires Conference of Women Historians – The Gentleman King and The Fox have been invited by one of the most prestigious academic conferences for super smart chicks to do The Down and Dirty Show, our gender bending burlesque extravaganza! Boys bein’ boys, girls bein’ boys, boys bein’ girls, girls bein’ girls plus a little bit of peelin’! We got it all baby, we got it all!

July 7-10 – Denver CO – Colorado Burlesque Fest – second year here too…and The Fox thinks that these ladies put on one of the best festivals of 2010! I had a shit ton of fun, the venues were amazing, as were the people of Denver! I am just tickled black to be going back!

and there you have it…it is a long and lovely list…I hope to keep you informed with what is goin’ on with The Fox here in the Twin Titties so stay tuned…but for now, keep tuned for road trip blogs and tweets @foxytann!