Run Wisconsin Democrats RUN!!!!

As we all know I am an MPR junkie…and the headline that I just heard is SHOCKING people shocking…Wisconsin Democrats are on the run, they are in hiding from their colleagues from the other side of the aisle! Those bastards, The Republicans of WI, are trying to pass a pay cap on public employees, in an attempt to devalue their collective bargaining power which in turn will  devalue the work that they do, and they need ONE Democrat to pass the bill…but they cant find them! I love this!!!! The WI Dems have gone into hiding to avoid being harassed, harangued, and hamstrung by the WI Reps into voting for a bill that does irreparable harm to the future of their state. The cops are looking for them! This is reminiscent of Texas a decade ago when redistricting was threatening to give Republicans a permanent majority in the legislature. Texan Dems crossed state lines to avoid a vote and had to be fetched back by the State Police! If any WI Dems need a place to stay while the heat is on, The Fox is down to put them up. I can cook, I can booze them up and get them high if need be, I am an excellent host!