Packing the Bowl – Foxy Tann’s 420 Show Sunday, April 20, 2014 9PM


The planets have finally aligned, I am in town, and 420 is on Easter! Foxy Tann‘s dreams have come true! This is my homage to the wacky tabacky, weed, pot, greenery, grass, cheese, trees, bud, doobage, mary jane, ganja, smoke, herb, chronic. Joining in this heartfelt tribute are RedBone, Victoria DeVille and Jeez Loueez- The Powerhouse of the Midwest. Other local luminaries will be gracing the stage with their improbable marijuanalogues and impromptu modern dance interpretations to Bob Dylan, one never knows…it is live theatre.
Minnesota is on the verge of becoming an enlightened and unbearably hip state…Minnesota is thinking about that $98 million that Colorado citizens have proudly handed over to their state government…and happily…don’t you think it really is time to look at how everything really is better with a bag of weed!
Come celebrate and advocate for everybody’s favorite indigenous plant!
April 20, 2014
9pm $20
The Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater