I Love My Hair

Sesame Street…I love them…formative bit of my childhood and all that…but i watched this obviously well intentioned video today at the urging of the love of my life…who is also European just like the people that produced this video…well intentioned or not…the producers have a daughter that is of African descent and doesn’t like her hair. I wonder why (sarcasm implied)…did mommy and daddy buy her Barbie…does Barbie look like her… why not…why isn’t my hair blonde like yours Mommy? well…the images shown in the video were so well intentioned… i almost gave them a pass…but the “natural” styles that they were showing were (to those of us who have had this done) an advocation for high buck hair styles for women…the “natural” braids that were down to the puppet’s waist (naturally at least $200 to get done because most people’s hair doesn’t grow that long)… not natural in any way shape or form…and the “natural” dred locks…with added hemp fiber for a full head.. I am that girl that these parents are trying to give a cultural experience…my hair won’t dred…my hair won’t pack…it is what it is…if i want an afro i buy one…I dont’ hate my hair,..but it is a pain in my ass…it is not cooperative.,. but what woman’s hair is? Good for you producers and i hope that your daughter remembers this as a seminal moment of parental love…good luck but she is still gonna hate her hair…it would be better to teach her about the wonders of aqua net and oil sheen and a GOOD FUCKING CUT and the value of your best friend learning to braid hair…White or not…”Bitter-party of one, your table is ready…”

I love my hair Sesame Street