From The Journal of Women's History

OK last summer, on a hot day in June, The Fox, The Gentleman King and a motley crew of drag queens, drag kings, and peelers performed The Down and Dirty Show at The Berkshires Women’s History Conference. Weird I know, but it paid great and I personally was just moist with the idea of performing my personal brand of radical feminism for a bunch of radical feminists with advanced degrees. The show itself was really well attended, the women were raucous, vocal and completely into giving The Fox the occasional $10 bill for my efforts. It was after the show that the shit storm started! Emails were flying and people were throwing all sorts of academic-ese around (I literally had to look some shit up and I ain’t no dumb bunny!), coming to the conclusion that some folk were definitely not into the idea of our motley crew performing at the conference that birthed the suffrage movement. Questions were asked, issues were discussed and I learned a ton about radical feminism. They finally asked me what I thought and I responded as best I could. The Journal of Women’s History got wind of it and decided that our conversation should be made public for all to see and hopefully participate in.

Down and Dirty Discussion >>>

So for your pleasure I give you the link to the edited email conversation that took place for 6 months after the conference. It’s crazy and amazing and I cannot tell you how tickled I am to have been a part of it! And to all you burlie performers out there, I encourage you to join in the discussion, because if you don’t no one will ever understand why it is that we do burlesque. Look at it as your duty and your pleasure to inform the academic world that they should lighten up a just little bit and have some fun.