I be getting’ hitched!

aaron and foxyI know…you all thought that it could never happen…who would put up with her and her stripping? who would put up with her and her mouth, and she says that shit out in public too…who would put up with her…Aaron James Young has decided that he is going to take the plunge and enter the Tann life, legal like, lifelong like and with just a little trepidation…

He asked me to marry him…with only a little badgering and manipulation (slight and recognized)…but he goddamned asked and I said yes!

Now it might not happen right away because there are other considerations…considerations like we do not have enough time right now to get our shit together to get it together…I started talking about weddings to my sister and she had all her wedding crap out in 32 seconds…i had no idea that there were “cake savers” that cost $60 I thought you could use tupperware!

stay tuned, and keep watch for the date of the show…i mean wedding…of the century…trust you will know when it happens! you will just know…i mean the world might end or something!