HardCore Pasties began in 2010 in response to what we believe is a desperate need in burlesque…an affordable, durable, reusable, beautiful pastie. We envisioned the perfect pastie for the busy burlesque performer and set about making it.


Professor Honey Bunny tested and fiddled with multiple designs and finally developed our space-age polymer based pasties making them the most unique product in burlesque. This polymer makes HCPs practically indestructible. And gorgeous, with a sparkle that is enough on it’s own or the perfect background for rhinestoning.

4 different sizes, 2 styles, and 16 different colors with more being added every day. They are light weight and durable…they are actually dishwasher safe.

HCPs also can feature ball bearing swivels to make your tassel twirling the smoothest and the fastest that it has ever been, with a clasp making it possible to change out your tassels with a minimum of hassle.

You see, HardCore Pasties are made for performers by performers. We are busy burlesque performers, too! We know what you need and what you want…it’s the same thing we want. So here they are…what we believe to be the finest pasties in the land!