HardCore Pasties Launches

HardCore Durability Test v1

Prof HB put this HardCore Pastie on the Focus 3 months ago...2000 miles later, thru sleet, rain, furnace like heat it still spins like the first day it was adhered! With Medical Adhesive!!! And that is the original No Wrinkle Tassel btw! Don't ever say that we don't test our product for durability!

The Fox and Professor HoneyBunny are announcing the official launch their slightly obsessive  dream of reinventing the workhorse of  burlesque!

HardCore Pasties!
I travel a lot. So there are certain things that are important to me in a pastie, and I just hadn’t found them all in the same product. And being the upstart type, Professor HB said

“DIY, baby.”

The Fox’s Pastie Wish List
1. Durable – wouldn’t it be nice to pull out a pair of pasties that had been smashed into an incredibly well packed gear bag and not have to tease them back into shape like they were Hugh Hefner’s before viagra?
2. Lightweight – I like a little bit of bling…I want more…but it would be nice if my pasties didn’t weigh 5o lbs a piece…it is hard enough fighting gravity as it is!
3. Washable – I use medical adhesive…I happen to be a sweaty betty and I am a wee bit paranoid about the popping a pastie thing so I want security and the best thing that I had found (up until recently – more soon I promise) was medical adhesive. It builds up on the inside of the very busy pastie and it is next to impossible to get it off once it has bonded to any sort of fabric/buckram/foam/car exterior. Soooo, after 6 months your brand new pastie with a couple a hundred dollahs worth of sparkle on ’em are fucking USELESS! I want to be able to get medical adhesive off of the inside of my pastie and make them sparkling and brand new once again.
4. Versatile – I like a well put together costume now and again . I like it when my pasties match my stuff exquisitely. like t a tee. But not all costumes make it to the end times right? Sometimes they get retired! But what about the pasties with yet again a couple a hundred dollahs worth of bling on em? Why can’t I get those damn things off without ruining them? Why do I practically have to reinvent the wheel each time I gotta do a custom pair for a new costume huh? It should be easier than this!

HardCore is our answer to this wish list…I cannot think what burlesque performer wouldn’t want these…but you but there is no accounting for taste…get a pair…let me know what you think…check out our other problem solving products as well…it can’t hurt, now can it?