Happy New Year from Minneapolis!

Foxy Tann & The PoPo @ New York Burlesk Festival

It came and it went, and goddamm what a year! 6 burlesque festivals, 3 continents, 10 states, 10000 miles, and 2 tickets! And all The Fox wants to do right now is wish each and every one of you, my adoring fans, a happy new year…may the new one bring you all that you deserve! That is what I am aiming for because we all know what they say – be careful what you wish for…so I am going for deserve and hoping for the best. World domination is a tough racket in the best of times, look at all the problems that President Obama is having. 2011 better bring it home…for all of us. Happy New Year, y’all, and remember – Fabulous is a state of mind!
Rock on!
The Fox