Denver- Oh Yeah! Vegas – HELL YEAH!

Holy moly scshmoly! I fucking love burlesque! The Fox is having one hell of a time living the dream! Shows in The Rocky Mountains treated like a goddess, smoked up to the clouds by civilians clamoring for the privelage to get The Fox high. Then a quick jaunt to the desert for a completely star studded festival, sequins, butt cheeks, boobs, headdresses, 4″ heels, rhinestones and most importantly, the comradery of beautiful over the top weirdos drinking like there is no tomorrow. I kinda know my way around Vegas and can find the cheap smoke shop! I don’t have a hang over! I have made it through the first week of Burlie Tour 2011 without too much damage…only 4 days to go…may I make it out in tact, sane and none the worse for wear.