The Fox’s Own iGoogle theme available!

Foxy iGoogle Theme OK it seems to me that everyone and their dog has some sort of individualized something or ther…so i thought how fucking fun would it be to have an iGoogle theme! That way my adoring fans can have a little bit of The Fox on their desk top all the time! Just […]

Hanging with Satan and Spitfire in whacko Christian land!

BURLESQUE LEGEND Satan’s Angel, Queen of The Fire Tassels in Colorado Springs! I cannot think of a better way to spend a weekend than hanging with Satan’s Angel and celebrating her birthday with a martini and a show! If you wanna see something out of hand this is the show(s) to see! I will be […]


   Starring Foxy Tann Production Assistants Aaron Young Seth Rieder I first saw the Queen of Twin Titties Burlesque during my run as videographer for Dykes Do Drag and have always wanted to work with her. We shot in Foxy’s home and was excited to learn she had her own green screen. This video is […]

Down N Dirty at the Berks Conference

      Mixing drag with burlesque, modern dance, live music, visual art and all sorts of other genres of entertainment, The Down and Dirty Show, brought to you by The Gentleman King and Foxy Tann Friday, June 10, 9:30-10:30 PM, Bowker Auditorium Berks Download Conference program here        

Denver- Oh Yeah! Vegas – HELL YEAH!

Holy moly scshmoly! I fucking love burlesque! The Fox is having one hell of a time living the dream! Shows in The Rocky Mountains treated like a goddess, smoked up to the clouds by civilians clamoring for the privelage to get The Fox high. Then a quick jaunt to the desert for a completely star […]

Colorado…we is on our way!

The Fox has been quite fortunate this year with this burlesque thing…I have been offered a plethora of shows in the Rocky Mountain State…1st – Denver…with Pierre, at Lanie’s Clocktower, Thursday May 26th…2nd-and then we are off for to Pueblo for the Southern Colorado Burlesque Revival  onFriday May 27th DeVille will be there as well […]

SantaCon voted BEST PUB CRAWL 2011

Hells to the yes! This has made me just moist! The City Pages has voted SantaCon as the best pub crawl for 2010! Can you believe it? Something awesome occurs in Saint Paul? The Fox has been hosting it for the last 2 years and I must say that it is one of the finest […]

Run Wisconsin Democrats RUN!!!!

As we all know I am an MPR junkie…and the headline that I just heard is SHOCKING people shocking…Wisconsin Democrats are on the run, they are in hiding from their colleagues from the other side of the aisle! Those bastards, The Republicans of WI, are trying to pass a pay cap on public employees, in […]

The 2011 Burlesk Tour Begins!

We are burlesque performers, Sweet Lilly Bee and I. We like to travel. So we are. I leave tomorrow on the start of Foxy Tann’s 2011 Burlesk Tour. Lets take a look at the itinerary shall we? Febrruary 14 – Detroit MI- with The Dizzy Dames for Valentine’s Day! This is gonna be the shit! […]

Foxy Tann’s Feed is now available on

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