The planets have finally aligned, I am in town, and 420 is on Easter! Foxy Tann‘s dreams have come true! This is my homage to the wacky tabacky, weed, pot, greenery, grass, cheese, trees, bud, doobage, mary jane, ganja, smoke, herb, chronic. Joining in this heartfelt tribute are RedBoneVictoria DeVille and Jeez Loueez- The Powerhouse of the Midwest. Other local luminaries will be gracing the stage with their improbable marijuanalogues and impromptu modern dance interpretations to Bob Dylan, one never knows…it is live theatre.
Minnesota is on the verge of becoming an enlightened and unbearably hip state…Minnesota is thinking about that $98 million that Colorado citizens have proudly handed over to their state government…and happily…don’t you think it really is time to look at how everything really is better with a bag of weed!
Come celebrate and advocate for everybody’s favorite indigenous plant!
April 20, 2014
9pm $20
Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater

10001362_10202546080825794_6563706656888767656_nI  know that you are already just a-twitter about FOXY TANN’S 420 SHOW – PACKING THE BOWL! But I just couldn’t resist telling all of you who else is gonna bring it on Sunday! A force of nature and as far as The Fox is concerned, the finest beat boxer I have ever heard…he has been in the almost all of the Afrodisiac shows…and he said he wouldn’t miss this one for the world!
I present Terrell Carnage Woods

go to www.bryantlakebowl.com/theater to get your tickets…make your reservations now…because if you don’t I fear that you will be unable to get in…so do it NOW…fo’ reals!

— with Terrell Carnage Woods.

1503335_944177398933041_4526989456441122272_nAnd here we have one of Foxy Tann‘s dearest and bestest! We have been performing and smoking together for almost a DECADE! And we wouldn’t have a 420 show without her…she is The Twinn Titties incendiary talent, a punk rock mama, and one of the fiercest of the fierce!
please welcome to the Bryant Lake Bowl Stage the one and only…
Sweet LillyBee!!!!
notice what her leisure time activity is! Puff your cares away!

1509667_678962955493387_2596215895657211134_nAnd for your pleasure…also from St. Louis…an artist…an educator…an icon…the creator of the Show Me Burlesque Festival…a creator of The Beggars Carnival…a nationally known burlesque heavy hitter…one of the hardest working show ho’s in the biz…we are proud to bring to the Bryant Lake Bowl stage to celebrate 420 with us…the more than singularly talented and fabulous.
Lola van Ella
I KNOW!!!@ How excited are we! First you get to watch her perform and then you get to take classes from her on Monday! Does it get any better?
We think not!

1897919_10202341786562652_1403019906_nAnd she is BACK! The newest Wham Bam Thankyou Maam, The Power House of the Midwest, The Ratchet Queen of Burlesque, The Girl That Makes You Go Hump in The Night, fellow weed ho’, the biggest little girl in St. Louis….wait for it…
Jeez Loueez
We are so happy to have her with us…it has take 3 years of courting but we got her now! And now she is gonna celebrate 420 with US! You DO NOT want to miss this, let me tell you!

75542_10151492903567457_176399651_nIt is now time to start letting you all know of our amazing cast for our first 420 show! I am SOOOOO excited that I get to finally work with this woman…I tried to get her last month but she was in Paris (FRANCE not Texas)…she is one of the fiercest emcees around and The Fox is privileged to call her GRRRRRRRL!
Desdamona Rox!

0035And who could do a 420 SHOW without Minneapolis’ Dirtiest Little Secret?
Not Foxy Tann, that’s for damn sure! I am beyond moist to introduce our next cast member for Sunday night’s extravaganza of debauchery!
Mistress Victoria DeVille!

— with Victoria DeVille.